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Continuing the forward movement of many years of dedication for assisted living

Introducing Connie Gamble, secretary on the South East Community Services Co-operative (SECSC) board of directors. Connie recently joined the board because she feels strongly about being active in her own community and contributing to its success. She goes on to say that those who have been on the board have done great work setting a solid foundation to move forward over the many years dedicated to the vision. “It’s a great group to be working with on such a needed service”.

Connie expressed that the assisted living housing project is important for the region as there is a larger percentage of people over 65 than many other municipalities. With an independent living option already, assisted living will be the natural next step to avoid residents having to leave their very welcoming community.

She goes on to say that there is so much discussion today across the country, and right here in our community, about affordable housing and transportation. Meeting this need would allow people to stay in the community they love when they need a little more support, and don’t want to move away from friends, family and this beautiful, forested area. Connie emphasized that she is always surprised how many family connections are here and the number of people who move back to retire.

Connie has been on multiple boards including a daycare, her professional association (CGA), and the Manitoba Electrical Museum. She currently volunteers with the Piney Regional Chamber of Commerce and helps in the local community now and then including pickleball.

When asked why someone should become a member of the SECSC, Connie said that being a member is always about sharing common interests and goals, and showing strength and support for the assisted living housing project. The greater support leads to more recognition, more ideas and accomplishments, and ultimately, success. It’s about inspiring and motivating and providing opportunities for shared lessons and connections. Some may not think they need the housing co-op but like so many worthwhile ventures it takes time, effort, patience, and funding so it is there when someone does need it.

East Borderland Community Housing has been working hard for over 20 years, far enough back that Connie remembers buying property here years ago and the fundraising efforts that started way back then. Connie concludes by saying, “In a nutshell, it’s time for the region to help get the project to the finish line and growing the co-op’s membership is an important step in getting there.”