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Keeping our seniors at the heart of our communities

“Knowledge, experience, wealth and time are all critical elements in building a successful community.”
Doug Griffiths, 13 Ways to Kill Your Community

In the 2021 Census, the RM of Piney had the highest percentage of seniors of any municipality in southeast Manitoba with 25.5 per cent of residents over 65 years of age. An additional 18.5 per cent are between 55 and 64. Most residents have had family members or neighbours who were forced to move away from the region for larger centres when they weren’t able to get the support they needed locally.

That’s why the South East Community Services Co-operative was formed.

Who We Are

The SECSC is non-profit community-owned co-operative providing a grassroots solution to affordable housing and other services within southeast Manitoba for seniors and our vulnerable populations. To date, the SECSC has been 100 per cent grant funded and is run by an initial board of directors with representation from three partner organizations: East Borderland Community Housing, Piney Regional Chamber of Commerce and Rural Municipality of Piney, with support from Sunrise Corner’s Economic Development Manager as an advisor to the board.

Why We Exist

The SECSC is made up of members with an interest in developing and maintaining community support services that are driven by locals for locals. The goal is to ensure seniors and our vulnerable populations have the option to remain here in the southeast close to family and friends.

These community support services will include, but are not limited to:

  • Affordable housing for seniors and vulnerable populations
  • Transportation for essential services, shopping or social connection
  • Personal care services such as grocery delivery, health and wellness
  • Community activities and social events

How You Can Help

You’re invited to be at the forefront of shaping support services in our community by becoming a member of the South East Community Services Co-operative (SECSC). Support by both individuals and businesses will build a strong foundation to move forward key initiatives that directly impact local communities.

For an affordable, one-time membership fee of only $10, you have the unique opportunity to:

  • Be at the forefront of generating ideas and shaping decisions around support services that directly affect your community;
  • Participate in the governance of the co-operative through attendance of meetings, voting on decisions, asking questions, and participating on boards and committees; and
  • Support the co-operative’s operations by using its services or contributing to delivery of services.

Our seniors are those residents who have the knowledge, experience, wealth and time to contribute to the ongoing improvement of our region. To learn and grow, we should take advantage of the opportunity to benefit from their wisdom and experience. It’s in the best interest of all residents to do everything we can to allow our seniors to live and thrive in the communities they build.

To inquire about membership in the SECSC and getting involved in this initiative, visit our website or email us at info@secsc.ca. We want to hear from you.

Download the Membership Form